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How do I get the most out of my awards win?

Dec 2018

The Aesthetics Awards has recently celebrated a number of well-deserving clinics across the UK for their excellent work. If your business is one of the lucky winners – congratulations! The hard work doesn’t end there, however!

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What are the risks to running my aesthetic practice from my mobile phone?

Dec 2018

Mobile phones offer us a wide range of opportunities when it comes to work and leisure. With the millions of apps available at our fingertips, we can play games, track our health and fitness, watch films, check emails, talk to friends far and wide, take photos and much more.

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Why supporting a charity can benefit both the good cause and your aesthetic business

Oct 2018

We all know how important it is to give to charity and help those in need, but do you know how much of a difference your aesthetic business could make simply by showing your support to a good cause?

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How do I manage to take time away from my business as an independent practitioner?

Aug 2018

It’s all too important to take holidays and breaks from working in your clinic but as an independent aesthetic practitioner, it can be hard to find the time or capacity to actually take the time off. We understand how valuable your time is as a practitioner, and that you also deserve to take a well-earned break and relax for as long as you need without worrying about your business.

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Is it worth entering my clinic in industry awards?

May 2018

Entering awards can seem like a daunting task; there are many questions to answer, with word counts to adhere to and the application process can take up a lot of your precious time. However, it is worth considering the impact that this powerful USP could have on your PR and marketing campaigns.

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How important is it to train my clinic staff in their enquiry handling skills?

Feb 2018

In this latest Ask the Expert blog, I address the question of why it is so important to train your clinic staff to an excellent standard in enquiry handling...

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Deposit Taking: Does it work & is it worth it?

Nov 2017

For our latest Ask the Expert topic, I have been asked to cover whether taking deposits from clients to secure their booking is a good and valuable policy to have at your clinic.

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How do I use my USP's?

Oct 2017

The last Ask the Expert addressed what USPs are and how you as an aesthetic practitioner can identify them. Just to remind you a USP (Unique Selling Proposition/Point) is a factor that differentiates a product from its competitors, such as the lowest cost, the highest quality, or the first-ever product of its kind. A USP could be thought of as “what you have that competitors don't.” Now that you have identified your USPs, how do you use them in your messaging and put them into effective practice?

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How do I identify my clinic USP's?

Sep 2017

Identifying your USP's requires some serious thought. One way to start is to take a look at how other practices use their USP's to their advantage. This requires careful analysis of other practitioners' websites and marketing messages.

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What are USP's and why are they important?

Aug 2017

Following our first Ask The Expert Blog I have been asked to explain what USP’s are, and why they are important...

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