What AR will do for you

 Our enquiry management service gives you complete visibility on the practice potential you are generating and enables you to maximise this potential.

AR's experience will enable you to capitalise on your clinical expertise and your investment in lead generation. We can also provide you with valuable enquiry data to assist you in making enhanced decisions for your practice development.


Full Time Cover

AR will provide call handling; 6 days a week, 66 hours per week. Monday to Friday 8.30am - 8pm and on a Saturday, 9am - 5pm. Our support systems ensure any enquiries outside of these hours are responded to.

Overflow & Out of Hours

AR will provide back up support during practice hours and out of hours. Yourself and your practice team benefit from being able to focus on patients when they are in clinic for treatment with peace of mind you have no disruptions to your business as a result of unplanned absence, statutory holiday leave and day to day time away from the phone.

Tailor your service ...

Detailed message taking

Enables you to capture all enquiry opportunities. Concise and accurate messages allow efficient follow - up.

Extended practice hours and experienced call handling support ensures valuable enquiries are managed effectively.

Appointment booking, Diary management

We will promote your practice using key pointers about your expertise. Further AR's team are trained in product and treatment knowledge and importantly sales skills which altogether achieve great enquiry to appointment conversions and high attendance rates.

We work with leading online CRM systems and universally popular online diaries everyday. This experience ensures your valuable working hours would be both time and revenue efficient.

In our recent client survey our success in generating new consultation bookings for our clients was their top reason for using AR. We consistently book new patients at a rate of 70% plus.

How much of a difference could a 70%, 80%, 90% booking rate make to your practice? We achieve this for our clients each month.

Lapsed Patient Contact

AR offers a structured outbound service to re-engage with lapsed patients to re-appoint them. In our experience calling patients who have not returned to clinic results in up to 20% of those successfully contacted re-booking, and re-igniting interest from up to 30% more.

Not only is it much more cost effective to re-appoint a lapsed patient than generate a new one, looking after these patient opportunities will enhance client retention and loyalty.

Deposit Taking

AR take deposit payments for consultations or card details as a deferred payment to guarantee appointments. We work with Sagepay and Worldpay ensuring PCI compliance for your practice.

AR will protect your valuable time by reducing DNA's, ensuring your diary availability is maximised.

Email & Social Media Response Service

AR has a structured and effective response protocol to these latest enquiry trends. Our experience shows that connecting with your audience in this way significantly increases opportunity.

Effective management of email and social media enquiries ensures positive outcomes are maximised.


How these services accelerate your growth...





Enquiry activity reports

Our activity reports enable clear tracking of new enquiry source and call levels.

On-going visibility on how effective your marketing is allows you to fine tune your promotional campaigns to maximise new patient opportunities for your practice.