Managing your practice whilst offering great customer experience is easy with our help.

Whether you need full support with call answering, or simply want extra cover, we’re here for you and we'll help maximise your business opportunities too.

Stay open for business longer

Better use of your time and your staff time

Busy times always covered

Cover for when you’re team are not around

Support for those unexpected business interuptions

Tailored support ...

Your safety net - message taking

Let's you know exactly who's contacting your business and captures all enquiry opportunities. Our spot on messages give all those important details you need to follow up with new and valued clients. It's all about the detail.

Experience counts. Whatever the reason for the call our team have a supportive and " leave it with me" approach effortlessly connecting you to your patients and not standing out as generalised call centre support.

Appointment booking & scheduling

Promoting your expertise counts. The team will get to know what makes you so good at what you do and why to come to your clinic, then we will chat about this with your callers. Treatment and product information is important on a call too, there are frequent questions that patients ask upfront and they're reassured when these are answered on the call and are happier and encouraged to book in. If patients feel engaged with your clinic from the outset they'll come in for that valuable appointment.

We'll likely know your practice diary already as we know our way round most aesthetic booking systems. If you've a number of practitioners, rooms and machines, not a worry, we're used to finding the right combination slot for treatments and we'll always book to make the most of the time you've available. We'll take care of your waiting lists too.

Re-connecting with patients

Re-booking shouldn't ever be left to chance. There are many distractions which can delay or divert patients from re-booking. In our experience gentle reminder or touch point calls go down well. We'll call a list of patients who havent been in clinic for some time or follow up with clients at certain times. Patients feel valued when time's taken to see how they found their treatment experience and the results at the time and months further on.

Follow up calls are different to when patients choose to call in themselves. With our sensitive handling we'll have clients re-booking, becoming interested again in treatments and we'll gather valuable information for you in doing these calls. Patients returning time after time will build those strong foundations for a great business.

Protect your time with deposits

We're very comfortable talking to clients about securing their consultations appointments with a deposit. We'll take a deferred payment or process a deposit payment there and then and we'll reassure your patients their personal information is safe and secure in our hands whether we're taking a small token amount or a larger sum which protects your expertise and time.

Deposits are a great way to reduce clients not showing up so that your time is always maximised.

Following up on web & email enquiries

With an on-going stream of patient enquiry emails dropping into your inbox, it can often distract from other important jobs of day, they're new business opportunities after all. We're here to help here too, making more than one attempt to capture these clients for you, leaving more time to follow through on those other important 'To do's'.

Whether it's your website driving your online enquiries or other social opportunities, responding as soon as possible is the ideal for making the most from your marketing investments.

Award winning care for your calls and enquiries

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